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Compare to VS and Wilson Gut

The Only String You Will Ever Need.

"Compare the V5+ to Babolat's VS Gut, Luxillon or Wilson Natural Gut"

STRING DETAILS: The V5(+) class of strings are nearly flawless, consistent throughout the length, smooth, very clear and durable. As good or better than any world class natural gut. The V5(+) is 100% "Precision Custom Machine Manufactured" with pin point accuracy. Fraying is virtually eliminated and what you get is the finest natural gut on the market today that will outperform and satisfy the most demanding stringers and highest performing tennis players. We feel this new technology has enabled us to create the natural gut of the future. The V5(+). Now you be the judge.

Quality Commitment: Our goal is to provide the highest quality natural gut string on the market. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we've been able to grow primarily from word-of-mouth, eliminating almost all of our marketing costs and allowing us to charge less than half of our competitors. We stand behind our string and strive to continually provide the highest performance gut at the lowest price possible.

Every package of our tennis string is vacuum-sealed in a lightproof package, increasing the strings longevity by a substantial amount.

Wholesale Pricing: Stringers and club managers please inquire about large volume purchases. 

***Due to being a natural material from actual cow animals and not sheep, this product like most all natural products are suggested to be used within 4-6 months for best durability. Over time gut tends to dry out. This does not mean it is bad, rather simply may not be quite as durable.***

No Pre-Stretching Necessary

Recommended Tension:

V5 15g 40-64lbs
V5 16g 40-62lbs
V5 17g 40-58lbs
V5 18g 40-48lbs (no guarantees as this is a specialty string)
V5+ 16g 40-65lbs
V5+ 17G 40-60lbs

*All natural gut performs best at lower tensions than synthetic strings. More than 85% of all professionals string between 40-55lbs as this results in better durability and overall increased performance on the court.

V5(+) can be strung up to 70+lbs if necessary. Again, please keep in mind that all natural gut for most players performs better below 70lbs, with 45-55lbs being deal. This is because when you add too much tension you start to lose the great "feel" characteristics of natural gut. This is the case for most people, but not all. The V5(+) will cater to all string tensions desired by all players.