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April Sale! Buy 2+ Sets of Any String and Receive a FREE Set of Poly ($12 Value!)

Welcome to Natural Gut Wholesale

Our string is used and trusted by some of the worlds best players. Natural gut is the preferred string for millions of players around the world, as it provides more feel and causes less wear and tear on the body than poly or synthetic strings. For those that prefer poly string, we now offer that too!

At unbeatable prices on all our string, you can keep your game improving all year long. Not sure where to start? Click the button below to learn more about each string we offer.

18 Gauge Natural Gut

17 Gauge Natural Gut

16 Gauge Natural Gut

15 Gauge Natural Gut

Poly String

Natural Gut / Poly Hybrid

Which String Should I Choose?

Over 80-90%+ of all Professionals in the top 100 in the world use some form of natural gut strings. Most use a Poly Hybrid set-up for best performance on the court. If you are having serious arm issues then a "full bed only" of natural gut is highly suggested. The bottom line proven facts are Natural Gut will greatly help your on-court confidence and performance. The amount your game should improve will far outweigh the slightly higher costs.

We stand by all of our strings and feel we have one of the best performing Natural Guts in the world today and our New NGW Polys are truly amazing too. Please do not overlook our Polys as they will save you money and they are guaranteed to impress you. If you are a top player and hit with heavy spin and power then we suggest the V5(+) simply because it is the most durable, reliable, and nearly perfect Natural Gut. Easily comparable to the well known brand names Babolat, Luxilon, Klip, Pacific Guts, etc. Many players with ATP points as well as highly ranked national players are using our strings. Our goal is to continue to add many more as we become even more established and well known in the industry.

Regarding our standard lower cost V5 strings, they are generally used by flat ball hitters that love lower tensions and do not mind the slight loss of durability. The V5 has incredible feel to it and control, but it is not going to be as "perfect looking" and consistent throughout as the 100% precision machine manufactured V5(+). The V5 is about as pure as gut gets and truly has the most "gut" feel to it.

Natural Gut / Poly Hybrid

Similar to using all natural gut string, a hybrid of both natural gut and poly strings takes some of the pressure off your arm, while the poly string provides more durability, power and a longer lasting string bed. Click here to check out our new world-class Version 5 (+) natural gut/poly hybrid.


Poly String

Poly strings provide the most power, durability and spin, but are tougher on the arm and have less feel than natural gut. We offer some of the most affordable poly on the market and right now, you'll get a FREE set with any purchase of 2+ sets of any string on our store. Click here to shop our poly strings.


Natural Gut String

Natural Gut Tennis String is loved by millions of tennis players around the world because of it's "soft" and easy-to-play-with attributes. Easy on the arm while providing more feel than traditional poly string, click here to check out our selection and give natural gut a try, you'll see and feel a difference immediately. Although it won't last as long as poly string, we offer unbeatable prices so you can use the highest quality string without breaking the bank.

String Lengths

All natural gut and Hybrids strings" are (2) 20 foot lengths. All polys are (1) single 40 foot lengths. Also, our gut is great for "hybrid" string jobs used with a poly for those that enjoy the hybrid set-up. Please feel free to inquire with questions as I am always happy to provide my professional ATP experience and suggestions regarding tension, string combos, etc.....personal email: Kevinze2@yahoo.com or here on the website with our questionnaire form.