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Guaranteed 100% Natural Cow Gut Tennis Strings

















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Why You Should Choose Premium Natural Gut Racquet Strings

100% Premium Natural Highest Quality String

Natural gut can vary greatly in quality and playability from manufacturer to manufacturer. As you now know, the production of natural gut is labor intensive. Changes in the production process of the string can alter its stringability, feel, playability and durability. Our natural gut is some of the best proven string in the business. Our prices are the lowest because we want your business time and time again.

- High Tech Manufacturing Process
- Costs Less than BABOLAT® & KLIP®
- Max Tension 16g V1: 45-55lbs
- Max Tension 16g V2: 45-60lbs
- Max Tension 17g V2: 45-55lbs


By Tennis Players, For Tennis Players

I personally used to be ranked in the top 400 in the world atp rankings sto I know what a good string quality is vs a bad one and I can tell you that this string "plays" extremely well. It may not last as long as synthetic strings, but the "performance" and "feel" are awesome.

If you want to get the most out of your tennis game there is no better string to use than 100% natural gut. you will immediately notice a huge difference in feel and control of all your shots vs synthetic strings and our natural gut is of the utmost best value for your money.



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100% Positive eBay Feedback Rating

"Return customer, love the natural gut strings, thanks!!"

- Ebay user grayjay888

"Great seller. Requested to ship it ASAP and he did."

- Ebay user savignes

"Good natural gut. Would buy again."

- Ebay user empressdiver1

"String took my child's game to a new level! TY!!!"

- Ebay user rudyamderson129

"Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!"

- Ebay user dealznsalz

"Great communication, easy pleasant transaction, would buy again :-)"

- Ebay user leelee_0105

"Everything worked out great! Thanks again! Excellent seller!"

- Ebay user kbo1988

"Great service! Great communication! Highly recommend."

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"Excellent item & Super fast shipping!!! A+++++"

- Ebay user jennybaird84

"Excellent seller A+++"

- Ebay user victoriaau

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About Natural Gut & the Process

N.G.W. STRINGS Production Process:

Our production process is very detailed oriented and continues to evolve as we strive to become the very elite of all natural gut manufacturers. We search and use only the very best animal serosa (cow not sheep intestines) from todays feed market and then take those pieces and machine form them into long ribbon like strands. The twisting and polishing process is very important and much care must be taken in order to move on the the next critical stage. These carefully processed ribbon like strands go through several cleaning and purification processes to take out as much negative coloring as possible to improve clarity and consistency.

Up next, is the drying process (one of the most important procedures) which can take many days to ready the string for its final inspections before going on to our exclusive protective coating (improves durability and smoothness) and the addition of any dye coloring (ex. black, fluorescent yellow, red, blue, etc). Finally, all strings are carefully screened and inspected for consistency and any possible defects then placed into packages which are vacuum sealed and ready for delivery throughout the international community.


Our N.G.W. Vision & Goals:

We use the word "wholesale" in our business name because we want everyone to know that even though we offer the very best quality natural gut in todays tennis string market, our very small profit margin allows every tennis player the opportunity to afford our strings. Simply because you may pay a fortune for natural gut does not necessarily mean you are receiving a product that is any better. Due to our highly advanced "streamlined" production facility and awesome team of employees we are able to provide our many loyal repeat and new customers the most affordable natural gut while maintaining stringent quality standards. From the start to the end, I also personally guarantee you WILL NOT find better customer service.

As we continue to expand our business model we will always strive for the best customer service levels while providing top notch natural gut for many decades to come. We will alwas continue to search for ways through innovation and trial and error to advance our products as we believe complacency is not the answer to advance our business model. We want every customer to feel important yet still able to afford the luxury of playing with "natural gut". We firmly believe our N.G.W. natural gut strings are one of the best, if not the absolute best string material to include in every tennis racquet in terms of feel, performance, and comfort.

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