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Each Package contains (2) 6.5 meter lengths per package which are much more than enough to complete 1 -  1 1/2 string jobs

The Only String You Will Ever Need.

Playability: Our newly designed Version 5 Natural Gut is a "slightly" thicker poly resin coated string with the additional of advanced high strength fibers designed to decrease fraying and increase strength, making it the best choice for the elite athlete as well as the weekend "park" player. Version 5 is wound even tighter than Version 4, using a higher grade, stronger raw material giving you the ultimate playability and feel. Our V5 is also 15-20% stronger than our previous V4. New high-tech machinery allows for even tighter winding, resulting in better tension capabilities and higher strength fibers for increased touch and durability. 

Quality Commitment: Our goal is to provide the highest quality natural gut string on the market. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we've been able to grow primarily from word-of-mouth, eliminating almost all of our marketing costs and allowing us to charge less than half of our competitors. We stand behind our string and strive to continually provide the highest performance gut at the lowest price possible.

Every package of our racquet strings are vacuum-sealed in a light proof package, increasing the strings longevity by a substantial amount.

Wholesale Pricing: Stringers and club managers please inquire about large volume purchases. 

Please contact us for pricing on larger orders!


No Pre-Stretching Necessary

IMPORTANT NOTES: When unraveling the string and if the gut gets "tangled" up, do not "pull" on any of the knots (rather take your time and straighten the string out) if not the chances of accidentally breaking are increased. Simply make sure the gut is always straight and never binds up or tangles especially when applying tension or pulling through the grommets. For example, when tying off the knots do not pull the tension on the knot! Rather make it a "snug finger tight" knot and not a "pulled" tension knot. Additionally, please make sure the grommets are not worn and wide enough to fit the gut through the holes. Do not use an awl to push gut through a hole as it will cut into the gut. If not, stringing with gut can be much more difficult and time consuming. It is often a great idea to use small types of "any" kind of oil such as baby oil or cooking, or a wax before stringing (dab on the roll) as this helps reduce friction and allows the strings to seat and seal better. Plus it makes friction free stringing so much easier. Check to ensure the clamps are not too tight so as to drastically pinch the string. Snug tight is good enough.  Make sure to have your stringing machine on the slowest speed setting and slowly apply tension. Not too fast. Please take your time.