Tension suggestions:

Best range for "all" natural guts are generally going to be in the range of 40-55lbs. Natural gut holds tension very well. The thinner gauges will hold tension even better and therefore should be strung slightly looser. Although some players enjoy higher tensions and nothing wrong with it, not everyone can adjust to higher tensions and the great loss of power. This is the reason for the recommendation of lower tensions with natural gut, which also greatly increases durability.

15G V5 35-64lbs Max (Ideal 40-55lbs)
16G V5 35-62lbs Max (Ideal 40-54lbs)
17G V5 35-56lbs Max (Ideal 35-52lbs)
18G V5 30-48lbs Max (Best for very low tension style players seeking optimum feel that are not concerned about durability rather maximum performance. Due to the thinness of 18G no guarantee on durability or reliability.

16G PRO V5(+) 35-70lbs Max (Ideal 40-60lbs)
17G PRO V5(+) 35-65lbs Max (Ideal 40-55lbs)
16G PRO V5(+) & 17G PRO V5(+) Poly Hybrids 35-65lbs Max (Ideal 40-54lbs)
All High Performance NGW Monofilament Polys 35-70lbs Max (Ideal 45-60lbs)

For players that demand the highest tensions up to 70+lbs, our PRO V5(+) is highly suggested as they hold incredible tension and are extremely resilient to all weather conditions and very strong tensile strengths.

Some things to add regarding NGW High Performing Monofilament Polys:
1) They are the most Durable
2) A much softer, easier string on the arms that play phenomenal when combined with Natural Gut
3) Increased Spin and Control, but less powerful. Another reason to Hybrid with Natural Gut (Natural Gut suggested on the mains) will help offset some of the loss of power with Polys and add extra softness to the bed while increasing control. Generally the thinner Poly the better and best placed on the crosses. If Durable is a concern try our natural gut on the crosses, but generally this is not an issue especially with the extreme durability of our PRO V5(+).