Steps to Insure Correct Installation of Natural Gut Strings:

If using an electric machine, make sure to use the slowest speed which is a poly setting, as it won't put stress on the string. Next, pull slowly, or use the slowest speed possible which is extremely important and easier on the string. When utilizing a wax or dabs of light dabs of any oil, the results will be even better. Then, weave half across and pull taut, weave second half and put string through grommet and slowly tension string. You can do all crosses this way and they will remain intact and look more professional with limited, if any fraying at all. If you follow this overall process your string job will be much more secure. Due to limited coating with the Version 5 for better feel, there may be a couple very minor and insignificant fray spots, but hardly visible.

Many Stringers are tensioning frames at 58-60+lbs and holding well. We have numerous emails of positive feedback on higher tensions if strung right. The Version 5 is quite strong and durable for all styles of play. Lastly, if players prefer very tight strings we recommend the 15G and even 16G for these types of applications. If you want the ultimate "perfect looking" string with every capability, then it is suggested to seriously consider our New VS and Wilson gut rival, The V5(+). An amazing new gut that everyone up to top ATP level players will love with affordable prices. YES, it is that good!

Additional Stringing Pointers:

1) Double check tension setting and keep in mind that generally gut is most durable and performs best at reasonable tensions. Please note 90%+ off all tennis professionals that use Natural gut string in the 40-55lb range. Hybriding with either an 18G or 17G poly often works excellent and highly encouraged, increases durability, and helps with ease of stringing. Those players that have additional arm issues such as tennis elbow then full gut may be best. To reduce costs and increase durability sometimes best to try both options to see what feels best for you. From much experience hybriding will give you slightly more durability.

2) Do not go overboard with pre-stretching, if any at all, as too much handling of the string increases the chances of damaging and unraveling the winds and tightness of the string.

3) It is always suggested and encouraged to use some kind of beeswax or light oil during stringing as this makes the process go much smoother and more efficiently. This method reduces potential "burning" of the string. It is not required, but top stringers tend to employ this method. The V5(+) and hybrid (soon to be released) not so much needed.

4) Please take your time and ensure that the string is "always" straight and never kinked, especially when going through the grommets and then applying tension. Any type of kink or hang up in the string increases the chances of accidentally snapping it. This is probably the most common mistake.

5) Double check your clamps to ensure they are not "overly tight".Clamps that are too tight tend to pinch down on the string, which in turn weakens and destroys the string. Natural gut is already very soft. Too much compression and over pinching gut, not a good thing.
6) When tying off all the knots please make sure the knots are only finger tight and not "full" tension tight.

7) If you must use an awl when pushing through some of the more difficult tighter holes, be extra careful (not recommended though) as it so easy to mistakenly damage the string. Usually a simple needle nose pliers will do the trick.

Finally, once these steps are followed and mastered you will find the process becomes much more efficient and less headaches. All natural gut purchased from a reputable company will have less than a 5% defect rate. Every customer is important to us. If you ever have any questions or concerns please never hesitate to contact us direct 619-559-2005 (my direct line), Texting encouraged or Facebook messenger. If no immediate response, please leave a message. Someone will promptly get back to you. Our goal is 110% complete satisfaction. We want your repeat business and referrals so that we can continue passing on the best pricing with the absolute best strings. We never stop reinvesting and innovating.

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N.G.W. Strings