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Our high-end PRO V5(+) natural gut is great for players of all levels, from beginners to the top professional ATP touring pros. Manufactured by precision custom machinery helps remove all impurities and creates a smooth, clear, well coated texture that is consistent throughout the entire string length. Our process also prevents fraying and is more durable and reliable than most other top of the line natural guts, resulting in a string bed that can generate extraordinary power while being soft enough for maximum feel and perfect comfort on the arm. Many players often choose to use a full bed of our PRO V5+ natural gut for optimal comfort. Our PRO V5(+) is also easy to string and holds it's tension 5-7lbs better than most any synthetic strings. We highly recommend using our PRO V5(+) natural gut as a hybrid with most of the softer synthetic strings or polys, (we recommend stringing our gut 2-5lbs looser than the Poly/synthetic gut option you choose). You have the option of 16 gauge for more durability or 17 gauge for even more feel. Our 16 gauge PRO V5(+) is "so amazingly durable" that we felt even offering it in a 15 gauge option simply wasn't necessary. Overall, our PRO V5(+) should exceed your expectations of what any natural gut can do for your game, all while saving you money. Similar natural gut strings retail for $40-$50+. We hope you enjoy our world-class string.


PRO V5(+) Versus our Standard V5 String: Life and Storage Expectancy

Our PRO V5(+) is okay to store at room temperature for up to a year or longer. It has a dynamic weather resilient coating. Our standard lower cost V5 string has a much thinner coating and is not as tightly wound and molded as our PRO V5(+) in order to create different unique playability and feel characteristics and should be used within 3-5 months. With less coating and much rougher/uneven  fiber like texture design, our lower cost V5 model string easily generates more spin and adds dynamic feel. The extra fraying you may notice is normal and part of the design of the string which is perfectly normal. Yes our mostly uncoated V5 model string may tend to wear slightly quicker, but other than the huge cost savings there are other big advantages you gain such as a softer feel and spin advantage! 

String Tension

Our Pro V5(+) can be strung up to 70+lbs if necessary. Though, again please keep in mind that all natural gut for most players (not all), generally performs superior below these tensions and 45-55lbs ideal. When you add too much tension to natural gut you start to lose those great "feel" and "endless power"characteristics of natural gut. Again, this is the case for most people, but not all. Our PRO V5(+) will cater to all string tension requirements desired by all players. Yes. It is that good!

Our Standard V5 model string is a lower tension string, primarily due to the absence of extensive coating and looser wound, much softer fibers. Lower tensions best in the range from as low as 35lbs up to about 55lbs are ideal. Yes, generally you can go higher with our V5 model in 15G and 16G but pushing much over 60lbs not only decreases durability, but diminishes its overall performance and increases the risk breakage from off center shots or poorly managed stringing. Our thinner 17G V5 model is best 35-52lbs. If you stay within the recommended guidelines, 99% of the time our V5 model strings are exceptional and a huge cost savings.