Natural Gut Tennis String is loved by millions of tennis players around the world because of it's "soft" and easy-to-play-with attributes. Easy on the arm while providing more feel than traditional poly strings. Please give our top quality Natural Gut a try and you'll immediately see and feel the difference. Yes, Natural Gut tends to cost significantly more than Polys, but with our unbeatable prices you can use the highest quality string without breaking the bank. Think about it. Why spend a few dollars less for a cheap full bed Poly when you can have Natural Gut in your racquet that almost certainly will improve your overall game and definitely is better for your overall arms longevity? If you want to reduce costs even more, then simply Hybrid our Natural Gut with one of our Polys. To maximize the savings place our Natural Gut on the crosses and Poly on the mains. Either way works great, but you will get more life out of the strings this way and more control in your game.

October 20, 2016 — Kevin Smith