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The Only String You Will Ever Need.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY APPROX 125 SETS.....please inquire about "large" volume orders for additional discount. Please read below:

Playability:  Our newly designed Version 5 natural gut strings are a poly resin coated design which helps decrease fraying and increase strength, making it the best choice for the elite athlete as well as the weekend "park" player. Please note that our very low cost budget friendly "off grade", or in other words "2nd tier" rated V5 strings are not quite as cosmetically sound as our regular V5. Thus, the significantly lower price and extra precautions. There are no real guarantees on reliability with this low cost model string, but general they will work fine. On orders of 3 or more sets I will include a FREE extra 1/2 set!! These are generally a thicker 16G and many 15G. Still a solid playing string, just not perfect cosmetically with some roughness in the coating. Great for spin. Better than versions 1-3. Our "2nd tier" V5 strings are extra soft, but not wound nearly as tight and have some variations in overall gauge consistency. This is due to being 60% hand made and different coating process. Playability is great for soft touch and spin. If you are more of the average medium level player and not a super big power hitter I would suggest our "2nd tier" grade V5 strings. You will save a lot of money while benefiting from the luxury of having natural gut in your racquet. Power hitters will find durability more suspect. Please DO NOT expect perfection with this string. Must be carefully strung. Everything should go smooth if the tension is very low and take your time. Also a great string to hybrid. 

Quality Commitment: Our goal is to provide the highest quality natural gut string on the market. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we've been able to grow primarily from word-of-mouth, eliminating almost all of our marketing costs and allowing us to charge less than half of our competitors. We stand behind our string and strive to continually provide the highest performance gut at the lowest price possible.

Every package of our tennis string is vacuum-sealed in a light proof package, increasing the strings longevity by a substantial amount.

Wholesale Pricing: Stringers and club managers please inquire about large volume purchases. 

***Due to being a natural material from actual cow animals and not sheep, this product like most all natural products are suggested to be used within 4-6 months for best durability. Over time gut tends to dry out. This does not mean it is bad, rather simply may not be quite as durable.***

No Pre-Stretching Necessary

Recommended Low Tensions:

15g 30-50lbs

16g 30-50lbs

17g 30-48lbs

Higher tensions may be ok, but durability risk increases.

*All natural gut performs best at lower tensions than synthetic strings. More than 85% of all professionals string between 40-54lbs as this results in better durability and overall increased performance on the court.