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*Due to the very thin nature of this particular gauge we cannot guarantee the reliability, durability or actual gauge consistency of 18G string. This is one of our very rare sellers and mostly used for different racquets sports other than tennis and "must" be very low tensions. For these reasons almost no stringing company offers natural gut in 18G, but at times we have it available to specific users.


The Only String You Will Ever Need.

STRING DETAILS:  Our V5 class of strings have a thicker coating and added high strength gut fibers (made possible by a tighter wind) for additional 30-40% overall strength and increased durability VS our previous versions. Our V5 incorporates this tighter wound string with an added high strength "poly resin" finish for better durability and ease of stringing. Previous versions were nearly all hand made, while our V5 is now 60% machine manufactured and 40% professionally hand finished. A large majority of natural guts on the market are 100% hand made and many consist of a cheap lamb serosa. We only use 100% high grade cow serosa with many unique and rare color choices. The color is a special dye and does not affect our strings performance. If anything the added thin dye coating adds slight durability due to its dry moisture content and smoothing.

18G: Primarily used for squash racquets, but will also work for tennis racquets if very low tension and play phenomenal especially when hybrided with our gut on the crosses and poly on the mains for increased durability. Low tensions! Not going to last long amounts of time. Designed specifically for performance.

Quality Commitment: Our goal is to provide the highest quality natural gut string on the market. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we've been able to grow primarily from word-of-mouth, eliminating almost all of our marketing costs and allowing us to charge less than half of our competitors. We stand behind our string and strive to continually provide the highest performance gut at the lowest price possible.

Every package of our tennis string is vacuum-sealed in a lightproof package, increasing the strings longevity by a substantial amount.

Wholesale Pricing: Stringers and club managers please inquire about large volume purchases. 

***Due to being a natural material from actual cow animals and not sheep, this product like most all natural products are suggested to be used within 4-6 months for best durability. Over time gut tends to dry out. This does not mean it is bad, rather simply may not be quite as durable.***

No Pre-Stretching Necessary

Recommended Tension:

V5 15g 40-64lbs
V5 16g 40-62lbs
V5 17g 40-58lbs
V5 18g 40-48lbs (no guarantees as this is a specialty string)

*Natural gut tends to perform better at lower tensions than synthetic strings. Not only does natural gut hold better tension, but generally from an overall player perspective, greater performance is realized at lower tensions. 
More than 85% of all professionals string between 40-55lbs as this results in better durability and overall increased performance on the court.