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Common musical string options available in stock include:

V5 1.1MM or 19G Retail Price 24.95 25% Off  Now 18.49
V5 1.0MM or 20G Retail Price 25.49 25% Off  Now 18.95
V5 .85MM or 21G Retail Price 25.95 25% Off  Now 19.45
V5 .75MM or 22G Retail Price 26.49 25% Off  Now 19.75
V5 .66MM or 23G Retail Price 26.95 25% Off  Now 19.95

*each length is long enough to complete Bass string requirements and approx. 180 centimeters in length.

Natural Gut String Combos for Bass instruments:

V5 G         Bass Strings Retail Price 39.99 25%  Off Now 29.95
V5 DG      Bass Strings Retail Price 66.49 25%  Off Now 49.95
V5 ADG    Bass Strings Retail Price 107.95 25% Off Now 79.95
V5 EADG Bass Strings Retail Price 139.95 25% Off Now 104.95